What are the estimated delivery times on my orders?
Production Time: 5-7 Days
United States shipping time estimates is 2-4 weeks.

International shipping time estimates is 3-4 weeks.

Other International shoe orders that have not arrived within 60 days of order processing could be eligible for refunds or free reshipment.(This policy excludes mistakes made by customers when providing shipping details on their order(s) and missed parcel deliveries).

When I will receive tracking information of my orders?
Tracking numbers will be made available within the specified time frames below and will be automatically sent to customers via the email provided in their order.
Shoes: 7-10 days after order processing.

I would like to cancel my order. What should I do?
Order cancellations are allowed while an order is in the Pending or On-Hold Folder. Once an order has passed into Production no order cancellations can take place.

I would like to change my order. What should I do?
Order modifications may only be made if an order is Pending or On-Hold. Once an order has passed into In-Production no order modifications are allowed.

I received a damaged/flawed/incorrect order. What should I do?
Contact us by email: sales@gostylepr.com explaining all the situation, with picture for proof. And we will see if you qualify for a replacement or a refund on the affected items. We are committed to our customers and want you to be happy.

Im not happy with the shoe size and fit. What should I do?
In the rare event that you are unhappy with the fit of your shoes, just contact us by email and we will work your case. For avoid situation with shoe size we provide a page in the menu that include size chart.

Do you offer "half-size" shoes?
We offer “half-size” depending the shoes style, you can see that when you select the size to buy it.

Do the shoes run big or small?
We provide a page in the menu with the size chart in where you can consult the dimensions of the shoes, and in this case avoid future situations with the size.

What carrier do your orders ship?
All U.S. orders are shipped via USPS and for international orders we ship it using an international courier.

What art do you put on your shoes?
We put our owns arts and print it in the shoes. Customers could bring us an image they want on a shoe and we can make it for them, if they are ok with us reselling their art then we place the shoes on our store for everyone to buy.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and PayPal.